What’s up lunch?!

Dear you,

I had a dream moments ago. You were in it. I fell in love with you all over again. Fallen for your bright smile, your soft voice, your bubbly personality. But this dream came to a realization. It was nothing but bittersweet. The image of you was bent to the rules of my slumbering mind. As we are, today, two different people. Two strangers. Regardless of this fact, please remember that you are my friend from day one ‘til the present. Don’t you ever forget that. I hope you have been well………

Off to a my friend’s wedding. Congrats yen and Cindy! #turntup #ohhappyday #wedding #rinny

Fresh cut @theqwok #haircut #bluesteel #yay

on the way to ccm 16

Korean bbq kind of day right before work :D


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lunch at Hopdoddy today. El Diablo burger and Parmasean Truffle fries

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What a great way to start the year by taking a road trip with the homies to Colorado.

Dropping in his type-r LCA and struts/spring last night. What a headache from snapping a bolt due to it being old and rusty as fks!!!!!

keep it CRUL: "Reveal your Subconscious Mind"



“principled independent with a dark side”

Your responses indicate a desire to escape from your troubles, and a fear that this action will destroy what you’ve already achieved.

These conflicting emotions sometimes cause you to be abnormally irritable and…

Unlike most people, you have a strong — at times destructive — independent streak. Routine tasks are frustrating and often impossible to complete, unless you’ve created them for yourself.

At the moment, you are under substantial stress and anxiety. This is caused by the unshakable feeling that you’re not fully in control of your own life.

An existing relationship in your life, either romantic or business-related, is currently unsatisfactory. You’re presently contemplating the possibility of escape. This can make you irritable or uncomfortable at times, even around the people you love.

However, when you are in control, you’re capable and even excited to make difficult decisions. This occasionally leaves you feeling isolated or alone. You are willing to make this trade-off, if it means being in charge of your own life.

The darker emotions inside you — those underlying urges that all humans have — are very strong. And yet, you have the ability to harness that energy to achieve your goals. This makes you unique among our testing population. You can focus your energy, both positive and negative


Man that second test befuddled the hell out of me. Wow. Pretty much spot on.

Homeboy’s Miata.

Shot by me.

Sunday Funday!!!

Football, beer, and friends.